What is this about?

I suppose I should start this blog thingy off by explaining what it’s all going to be about. This site is going to be an “unofficial” hall of champions for all the winning players and alliances in Travian, starting with the new 3.5 version of the game.

I’m going to focus on the English speaking servers, as that’s the only language I’m capable of speaking, but I will look into finding a method of listing other languages as well, if time permits. But right now my modest goal is to have a listing of winning players and alliances from the International (.com), US servers (.us), British (.uk), and Australian servers (.au), for all Travian 3.5 servers. Right now I’m still getting the site set up, so I’ll concentrate on the .com servers first, and get the other set up as soon as I can.

Besides that, I’m planning on actively blogging about the game on a regular basis. I’m hoping to have strategy articles, news about the game, and plenty of discussion about the game itself. I’ll do some coverage of how people are playing the game and what strategies they’re using. I’m hoping that I can talk to many of the game’s top players and leaders. And I’ll also be writing a bit about Travians, which is another game made by the same company that makes Travian, which I also enjoy playing.

And now and again I’ll probably diverge into completely random topics, as most blogs do from time to time.

Anyone who’s interested in this blog or the hall of champions, you’re welcome to e-mail me at 1randomgeek@gmail.com. If you’re commenting on something related to the site I may publish your letter on the blog if I find your thoughts interesting or insightful.

Well, I think that’s a pretty good explanation as to whatthis site is about. I’m going to try to keep most of my posts under 400 words so they don’t take long to read, I want the blog posts to be short, snappy, and informative rather than long and rambling. Tomorrow I’ll write about why I decided to start this site. That leaves who, where, and when, which I promise I’ll get to in due time.


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